I found a good WordPress plugin for integrating Flickr.  For the time being the website is http://flamecloud.com/blog/flickr/ to view any photos from my photostream.  I have it added to the sidebar so it is quite easy to get to. I replaced the sidebar with a link to the page in the upper right (so they are kind of like tabs for blog and flickr).  All admin work is still done from Flickr directly.  The photo integration is great for publishing photos to the blog.  It just adds a tab so you can select from all photos or from tags.  Very convenient.  The album integration isn’t very helpful.  The plugin was found here.  For whatever reason I can’t get photos from flickr to post at all yet.  Seems to be a Flickr issue not a plugin one.  So, for the time being I’ll just post a picture I made a long time ago and posted elsewhere.


Updated WordPress from an ancient 2.2 to 2.9.  The admin part looks much better than before.  Also, seems to have fixed Flickr inserting issue 🙂 Slow but it works very well.

Macro Rose Pink